Vegolution is a game with vegetables and other abominable beings, developed during the Indie Vault Evolution GameJam by the RFP Team composed of Antonio Caggiano, Alberto Pastorato and Samuele Prosser.


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Humans, after having compromised the natural balance, abandoned the Earth many eons ago, leaving it to its cruel fate.

Those who were once defenseless and mindless beings occupying one of the last links in the food chain, now have evolved into sentient beings, becoming the last inhabitants of the planet: Vegetables.

Creating a form of communication, they organized themselves and built a complex social network in the underground. Thanks to the enormous legacy left by Humans, Vegetables have been quick to exploit the technology to their advantage, giving new hope to the evolution of the planet. But this new natural equilibrium did not last long...

Complicating matters was the invasion of an army of galactic vultures, known under the nickname of Abominables, which feed on carcasses of dying planets. In a short time Vegetables have been enslaved and forced to work for them, in order to meet their own needs.

But all is not lost: Celly, the last celery on the planet has been spared, because not recognized as a vegetable by Abominables! Huge mistake ...


Maria Rosaria Minichiello, Raffaele D'Amato